Thursday, 1 May 2008

Peas, trees and a portable BBQ

Last weekend, London had the first day of summer. It was glorious, and the only bad part about the first day of summer was deciding which dust-covered-ignored-for-about-a-year t-shirt to wear. It was so glorious, we decided to spend the day with Megan and Clint in the woods of Wendover in near bye Buckinghamshire.

In the course of a long walk through the woods, a few things of note happened. First, we got lost.
Second, Tane found a massive field of peas.
And lastly, the Australians introduced us to the joys of a £1.50 portable BBQ.
Despite the fact that it looked like the £1.50 it was worth, it did the job. Afterwards we were happily filled with both sausages and the promises of many BBQs over the summer to come. Bliss.

P.S. the weather has gone yuck again but we live in hope that we have not already seen the best day England has to offer this summer!


Julie said...
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Julie said...

Are you guys sure they were peas? I always thought peas had pinkish purple flowers. I thought colza was yellow. In any case I'm jealous you got such a lovely day. Still waiting for a really hot day here!

Julie said...

sorry, that other comment was me. I accidentally submitted twice. Dumb blonde moment!