Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Walk like an Egyptian

We have been in Egypt for half a week now, and it's fabulous. Already there have been bites, burns and bad bellies, but we don't care as Egypt is so much fun in spite of all those things. I don't have much time to write at the moment as we are about to go and chill on the Nile for a bit as well as bask in the 40 degree heat, but here are a few pics taken so far in any case.

Tane of Arabia

I think this was the only time I let go of the camel ..

Walk like an Egyptian

An Aswan sunset


Miriama said...

Fabulous pics - quite Wellington-grey with envy :-)

Sarah said...

Dear Lord I am jealous. Please go and see Abu Simbel for me!

Anonymous said...

wow, awesome photos!! I'll get to Eygpt one day.
You seem to be travelling too much, are youing in the UK? :)
Nat - back in boring Perth WA)

Anonymous said...

opps meant to say are you working in the UK?

Bonnie said...

The obvious pun was Lauren-ce of Arabia...

Looks incredible.