Sunday, 23 September 2007

A few days in Bedrock

We are currently spending a few days in Goreme, Central Turkey. Moving inland seemed like a good idea after lazing on the beach days in a row caused both of us to have sunburn that made it look like we were wearing red stockings. Plus, we had noticed that when people talk about Goreme, they seem to get this wistful look in their eye. So, we ventured on the long journey inland to conservative heartland Turkey where, given the looks locals gave me in my knee-length skirt and Tane in his shorts, legs are not seen in public very often, and on to Goreme.
Tane swimming at Olympos, blissfully unaware of the sunburn that is forming. Turns out the cyrillic on the sunscreen we got in Bulgaria did not mean "water resistant"

After a few days in Goreme, we can see why this is such a favourite amongst travellers. It is FANTASTIC here. So fantastic, even, only capital letters will suffice in describing it. First, the landscape is amazing. The land is covered in rocks and caves that have been lived in for centuries, nicknamed "fairy chimneys" by the locals. I am sure that given their shape the pointy formations have been given plenty of other nicknames over the centuries as well.
It feels like we have stumbled upon a movie set. Or, at the very least, Bedrock. The room we are staying in looks like Fred Flinstone should be yabber dabber do-ing from inside and that cars ought to be operated by feet. I think that Goreme could easily market itself as Bedrock with hot running water.

Tane on the roof of our room

Goreme is a lovely town, and half the magic of this part of the world is how it's managed to retain its charm while having so many tourists coming through each day. Our photos are totally inadequate to capture how cool it is here, but will give it a go anyway ..

A nunnery

Just to top off a visit in a FANTASTIC place, Goreme is also home to the first evil eye tree that we have found in Turkey. The evil eye is a blue and yellow design that the Turks have everywhere, believing that it somehow deflects the evil eye. It is in cars, on buses, on websites, and on cups and plates. We have also seen it on tablecloths, bracelets, necklaces, ornaments, carpets and magnets. Apparently I look like I need help warding off the evil eye - I have been gifted two while here, a magnet from an old man in Istanbul, and a brooch by a guy in Ephesus. As no-one has given one to Tane, he decided to suck up his deeply suppressed feelings of rejection (so deep only I know he had them) and buy a t-shirt with it on. He happened to be wearing it when we saw the evil eye tree.

To the tune of "He's got the wandering eye": He's got the evil eye .. doo doo do do do do doooo

At risk of sounding repetitive, Goreme rocks. If you go no-where else in Turkey, come here. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, your room rules hard. I am so jealous my eyeballs are melting.
PS Miss you crazy cats! So glad you're having a wonderful time.

Charlie House said...

In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves ... Wo!

That's a gorgeous photo of you two too - I notice you're looking a tad more paraone than us pasties back in wellington!


KatFish said...

What an amazing place! I know what you mean about the sunscreen though. If you want anything over about SPF3 they think you've got sensitive skin and wonder why you want to stay so pasty white... Hope you're having fun.

Lindsay Margenau said...

Hawaii is nice but I think I might trade for Greece and Turkey.


Anonymous said...

Tane! I was sick yesterday morning and had fever dreams that you were my arch-nemesis Bond-style and were always a step ahead. It was very frightening even though your suit was a patchwork of bits of US flags.

Unknown said...

well I have been hooked on yr travels around Turkey.. and then to my surrise you guys have not changed this Bedrock thing for a few days..
Give us more!!
PS> Where are you now? If you catch up with my lovely sis in Dublin,s ay hello :-)