Tuesday, 27 May 2008

What kind of traveller are you?

I read something once about how there are three types of traveller: the adventure traveller, the cultural traveller, and the traveller that seeks relaxation. Up until now, Tane and I firmly sat in the first two categories - cultural travellers with a bit of adventure thrown in every now and then. We are ashamed now to say that we have even mocked the third type in the past, not understanding why someone would lie around by a pool when there were exciting sites to be seen. That was, of course, before we lived in London through a winter. And before we travelled to a country with 40+ degree heat where we had our first hotel holiday yet.

The pool in Luxor - note the bar in the middle

We knew that Egypt in May was going to be hot. We didn't think too much about it at all, though, and given that we were travelling to Egypt to see cool old things and another Islamic country, pool side relaxation wasn't something that had occurred to us at all. With the heat around the 40 degree mark for most of the week, though, between seeing fabulous monuments and temples we spent a lot of time relaxing by hotel pools. And, while a holiday that was just about swimming pools and sun would turn be into a sun burnt bored person, I can well see the appeal of factoring in some relaxation by pools in future holidays.

A bit of artsy swimming in Cairo

What kind of traveller are you? I think we are still cultural-with-a-bit-of-adventure travellers, but in future should we find ourselves in such lovely hotels in similar heat again, I will be the first in line for my giant hotel beach towel to lie beside the sun burnt Brits at the pool. And with this view from the poolside restaurant in Luxor, who can complain about travelling to relax, really.

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