Thursday, 28 June 2007

My Cat Max vs Paris Hilton

Things my cat Max and Paris Hilton have in common

1. They are both mammals

2. They both get photographed a lot, especially with one foot in front of the other for maximum appearance of slimness

3. They are both socialites

4. When we go driving, Max has to be in a cage. When Paris goes driving, she ends up in a cage
5. They both take being fed and cared for by others for granted

6. Paris Hilton went out a guy called Paris. Max likes to rumble with a she-cat called Max

Things Max and Paris Hilton do not have in common

1. Tane can't balance Paris on his back

2. Max is named after Max Power, Homer's alter ego, which Homer claims he got from a hair dryer. Paris is named after a city

3. Max doesn't need to wear hair extensions

4. Max loves to eat potato peels. I assume that Paris doesn't

5. Due to a cruel trip to the vet at three months, the movie One Night In Max will never be made

6. A news presenter has never tried to burn a script in protest because it is about Max

7. Paris wears necklaces made of mother of pearl. Max wears necklaces made to kill fleas.

Does anyone else have any more to add?


Maz said...

Tane! You got a pussy on your back... lucky you? Maybe... XXX

Elizabeth said...

Max is an International Cat of Mystery whereas Paris is an International Slut of Stupidity?

Bonnie said...

I had a biology teacher called Max Pouwer. I never knew why he didn't teach physics.

Anonymous said...

Paris HAS a pussy, and shaves it. Max IS a pussy, and is hairy.