Tuesday, 31 July 2007

One more sleep

One more sleep!

Tonight I will probably be counting more sheep that a King Country shearer and turning myself into a Lauren-Sheet-Pretzel due to being excited/worried/happy/sad/excited again about heading to Vietnam then beyond tomorrow. My bags are packed, and in true whangai tradition I've left Max my cat with Dad in Johnsonville. There is lots about NZ I'll miss, like friends, family, and the lollies only bought in New World supermarkets. On balance though I am very excited about finally dealing to those itchy feet.

And as I have blogged about my cat yet again I am very clearly on the downward spiral to being The Simpsons Crazy Cat Lady. Which might be bad, but I'd rather be her than anyone from that inferior cartoon The Family Guy.


Anonymous said...

Getting chased by a crazy lady with a banana???? That's something I will have nightmares about!!! Aaargh! - Rachxxoo

Anonymous said...

Counting more sheep than a King Country shearer - love it, that should make the next edition of NZ quotations!!!!

Sarah C