Friday, 20 July 2007

Max the intrepid traveller

Tane and I are moving out of our flat and into Dad's tomorrow. We are also sending off a box of stuff to Ye Olde England, on account of not wanting to carry work type clothes in our backpacks while we are navigating the traffic in Hanoi or trying to remember that in Bulgaria nodding your head means no and shaking it means yes. Max my cat has made it very clear that he wants to join my suits and get shipped also.

Max is a very intrepid traveller for a cat and has been on half a dozen plane trips in his life. Once, he even went to Auckland for half a day by accident due to a mix-up by Air NZ. I will have to break it to him soon though that he will not be joining us but going to West Auckland for a few years, so it will be about bogan t-shirts rather than Kathmandu zip-offs.

And now I have had two separate blog entries about my cat, does that make me only a tiny step away from the crazy cat lady on The Simpsons?

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Miriama said...

Well Lauren, I'm not entirely sure you don't want to be the crazy cat lady!

Character: Eleanor Abernathy aka the crazy cat lady, earned an MD from Harvard Medical School and a JD from Yale Law School- both by age 24. In one scene, Eleanor is representing a client in open court and asks to be excused to deliver a baby. However, eight years later, she exhibits signs of alcoholism due to stress, and she has become very attached to her pet cat; she suggests that she might get another one.

In truth I aspire to be able to speak crazy talk, and make cat art (putting cats in paint and throwing them at canvas) as well as she. That is all :-)