Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Top memories of the last few years

  1. Getting hitched with Lauren. How could the civil union not be No.1? This morning I looked at the photos for the zillionth time, and that giant, dorky smile still comes over my face. Family, friends, making the most important commitment of my life to the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and so much great food. Happy happy, joy joy.
  2. The fire at Morrinsville. Last year, I saw a man banging his fist against the wall of a blackened house. His dead baby was inside. There were scores of people standing around, but his swearing was the only thing breaking the silence.
  3. Walking out onto the edge of Panekiri Bluff. All that trudging up hill was worth it for the stunning view of Waikaremoana.
  4. Caving at Waitomo. Abseiling into the depths, floating on tubs, looking up at glow worms, walking through steams in absolute darkness, struggling up waterfalls with Chris. Deeply satisfying.
  5. Lauren locking the keys in The Rambler. Whanarua Bay, the first beautiful day of our trip around the East Cape. "Tane … I’ve done something stupid …" Thank goodness Mr Random Mechanic, probably the only one for 50km, lived within a 20 minute walk.
  6. Floating over Hamilton in a hot air balloon. Everyone should do it. Both calming and exhilarating.
  7. Getting our ancestry visas for the UK in the mail. I was giddy with relief. Thank you, blog, for proving our relationship!
  8. The Dragoween Party. Dressing up a Lauren – complete with wig and chest enhancements – then not being able to find a park near our flat. I had to walk the streets of Brooklyn in high heeled boots and a skirt. Fortunately, everyone was watching Guy Fawkes.
  9. Dancing to Goldenhorse at Bar Bodega in Wellington. Lauren and I doing ceroc to ‘Godlen Dawn’. We were so hot.
  10. Iggy Pop going mental at The Big Day Out 2005. My god, that man would be amazing if he was a third his age.
  11. The Rolling Stones in concert. See above, and change ‘man’ to ‘men’.
  12. Hosting the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology’s James Bond – themed ‘Buwaldadash’ social. Thanks, Jinx and the team.
  13. Finally getting my drivers’ license. ‘You did a few things wrong …. But you have passed.’ That was one heavy monkey sitting on my back.
  14. The Tongariro Crossing. Like walking across an alien world.
  15. Sitting beside the Waikato River with Lauren on a beautiful day, watching time go by.
  16. Chris and Mel’s wedding. Perfect weather, great company, a meal to die for.
  17. The walk to Pencarrow Head, at the Wellington Harbour Mouth. What a gorgeous country.

So long, New Zealand. See you soon.


Lauren Keenan said...

In my defence, those keys were practically begging to be locked in the car. :)

Bonnie said...

"then not being able to find a park near our flat. I had to walk the streets of Brooklyn in high heeled boots and a skirt."

That was so my fault for assuming we could catch the bus up the hill and not checking the timetable. The lift was greatly appreciated, all the more for its unintended consequences.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tane (and Lauren, whom I am yet to meet), I look forward to seeing you over in this neck of the woods. Love Maz XXX