Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's all about Harry

Like a ba-jillion other people world wide, I am eagerly awaiting the final Harry Potter book. I cannot wait to find out how it all ends, and hope that J.K Rowling ignores all the stupid 'Save Harry' and 'Keep Writing the Books' petitions and winds the series off in a way that maintains its literary integrity.

There are a few things I'd love to see happen in the last book, like something cool to do with Neville Longbottom and something horrendous to do with the Dursleys. I also wonder if Harry's scar is a horcrux, and how the final battle with Voldemort will play out. I wonder, is Snape good or bad? And the most burning question of all - will Ron and Hermione finally get it on?

Guess I just have to wait and see, and ensure that I live in a bubble for the time it takes to read it to not find out about what happens before I manage to read it myself.

My favourite of the books: Half Blood Prince and the Goblet of Fire
Least favourite of the books: Chamber of Secrets and the Order of the Phoenix
Character I would least like to see die: Ron.
Characters I most like: Fred and George, Neville and McGonagall
Characters I least like: Cho Chang and Draco Malfoy.

What about you? Looking forward to the final book, or you really don't care? Do you think HP is fabulous, or over-rated?


Anonymous said...

My 2c: I reckon that "RAB" who left the note in the locket was Regelus Black, Sirius' brother because Sirius mentioned in book 5 that his brother only lasted a day or so after leaving the death eaters so I reckon that's why they wanted him dead so badly.
- Julie

Tane Aikman said...

I'm really looking forward to it too, if not quite as much as the next George RR Martin (hurry up, damn it!). It's such a beautifully plotted series, and JK Rowling is a master of tone - I love the way it's slowly gotten darker as the characters grow up.

My favourite book: Prisoner of Azkaban
My favourite character: Ron, the now-dead Sirius Black
My least favourites: Cho (yawn), Umbridge (what a great villain though)

Maria said...

I can't WAIT for HP7! Only 9 more days to go. I'm with you in that I hope JKR doesn't leave the series open for more books. She started out by saying there'd only be 7, it'd be a cop-out if she suddenly agrees to more.

I hope Ron and Hermione won't 'get it on' though - JKR does NOT write romance well! So the same goes for Harry and Ginny really. Ah well, guess I shall have to wait and see.

Orange Dwarf said...

Yep,I agree with Lauren and Maria.
Great series - let's not flog it to death.
Same goes George Lucas and his threat to do another Star Wars film.