Friday, 22 June 2007

How to relate to others, by Lauren aged 8

I recently found my old teenage diaries, well hidden and covered in dust. Usually, reading about the musings of the angst ridden teenager that grew into moi makes me want to go back in time with a giant rubber hand and administer some slap therapy. Every now and then, though, I found some gems. For example, I read my entry from ten years ago to the day, and I quote "I have been busy recently, but can't be bothered writing about it. It's not like I'll care in 10 years anyway." Given that I go on to describe my sister calling my Mum 'poo-juice' as well as other Keenan home shenanigans I think that me-of-ten-years-ago was wrong. I wish I'd expanded. Although, if whatever I was too lazy to expand on would have just made me of now want to look on Trademe for a time machine and a rubber hand anyway, it's probably good I didn't.
On the subject of old writing, I also wanted to share this list that my Mum found in an old school book of mine that I wrote when I was eight. Unfortuanately, I can't show you the handwriting and back to front letters.
How to relate to others By Lauren aged 8
1. Like other people's dumb work
2. Be kind to people who are being beaten up
3. Try and get on with people that you hate
4. Be kind and nice
5. Like people from other races
6. Lend things to people you don't like
7. If you are a girl, don't hate boys
8. Don't be mean
9. Don't gang up
10. Don't call people names that will make them sad


Avatar78x said...

Oh you totally have to scan the "Lauren aged 8" list and post the picture!

Lauren Keenan said...

I am afraid that I might be the only person who can interpret the shocking writing ...