Sunday, 10 June 2007

What tribe are you?

Ko Lauren au. Ko Taranaki toku maunga, ko Waiwakhaio toku awa, ko Te Atiawa ki Taranaki toku iwi.
And, according to the authors of "8 Tribes: The Hidden Classes of NZ" my other iwi is the Grey Lynn Tribe. According to them, both Tane and I are part of the tribe of Kiwis whose distinguishing characteristics include preferring to be “challenged” than entertained, seeking out authentic experiences, and blushing when talking about property values. We also, apparently, value ideas above material things and intellectualise every element of our lives. Interesting, and not inaccurate either. The other tribes include the Raglan Tribe, the Balclutha Tribe, the Otara Tribe, the Remuera Tribe, the North Shore Tribe, the Papatoetoe Tribe, and the Cuba St Tribe.
I have yet to meet someone who has taken this test and is not Grey Lynn, which probably says more about the demographics of central Wellington than anything else. I am sure that if I went to Otara or Gore it would be a whole different story. What are you? You can click here to take the test. Is the test a load of bollocks? I haven't decided yet. Either way, far as I am concerned, my primary tribe is still Te Atiawa ki Taranaki.


Julie said...

I got papatoetoe tribe!
"The Papatoetoe tribe is the home of the Kiwi working man and woman whose approach to life is characterised by down-to-earth common sense, a focus on essentials, pride in physical achievement and a deep mistrust of intellectualism. Or as someone from Papatoetoe tribe might put it, “no frills, no wankers, get on with it and don’t get up yourself”."

The_doctor said...

Well as you may guess I am Grey Lynn, however I was close to being Balclutha, which would make sense as Gisborne is pretty much a single main street town with muddy utes.

The Balclutha Tribe: Staunch
The tribe of the Kiwi heartland, the provincial conservatives, who see themselves as a source of stability and commonsense, bearers of on-going connection with the land – solid, reliable and down to earth, but also deceptively smart.
Mmm interesting concept. Gathers in clubrooms, memorial halls and at the Cossie Club.

Distinguishing Characteristics: down-to-earthness, talks of weather, moans about the government.

As for my Grey Lynn persona I don't like rugby that much.

Orange Dwarf said...

I got Balclutha Tribe, with a fairly healthy dose of Grey Lynn thrown in as well.
I can't believe that by ticking 5 boxes the clever-clogs' worked out that I live in Morrinsville (1 main street, dirty utes...) Nice to know I'm obviously where I'm meant to be!
Great weather lately.
Bloody government.