Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Hills are Alive ...

I love the Sound of Music. Growing up, my sisters and I would act out the movie, recite the dialog, and sing the songs. I have a memory of us trying to build the Von Trapp house out of Lego, and even used to wish that I had three more siblings - two boys and a girl - so we could be just like the Von Trapp children.

Jumping for joy by the lake where the kids fall in and the back of the house

Given that both Stephen and Alice have a similar level of love for the movie it was a real buzz for me to finally travel to Salzburg with them last weekend to see the sights and do the tour. Tane came along too, and was a very good sport about it, even letting us call him Rolfe.

We are 16 going on 17

The tour was fabulous. The only way to really enjoy it is to embrace the cheese, and throw yourself into singing "Do Re Mi" while driving around in a giant painted bus, so that's what we did.

The bus
I loved it, and only regret that my Mum and sisters weren't there as well. The Sound of Music tour is a must for anyone that loves the movie, and I totally recommend it. If you want to cringe whenever Julie Andrews opens her mouth, though, it would probably be best to stay clear of Salzburg entirely!

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Maria said...

I've been to Salzburg, but only passing through, so we had no more than 1-2 hours there. I can see I HAVE to go back and do the Sound of Music tour!

No way Lars would be interested - but perhaps I could bring Mum and my sisters ;)