Thursday, 17 September 2009

Friends, Europeans, Countrymen

September has been the month we've fallen back in love with Europe. We got quite burned out with city breaks in the first six months of travel here, with going away about every third weekend. Then it was all about the exotic developing world. The trip to Normandy aside, we've not been in Europe for well over a year. But with our time in the UK coming to an end we thought it was high time we saw some of our European friends. And they really helped us have a great time. Lauren's already mentioned Andrea and Maria, so I'd like thank ...

Marty and Janka, who showed us around Berlin, one of my favourite cities, and stuffed us with delicious fondu.
Daniel, my host in the lovely, historic university town of Osnabruck and (like Martin and Janka) a good guy for letting me keep him up way too late playing Dominion.

Ulf and Nicola, great people with a great flat and great taste in honeymoon destinations (New Zealand).

Julie, Paxcal and Shistou the naughty puppy for a wonderfully relaxed time in the countryside of Lorraine and lots of games of Mario Karts. Best time I've had in a barn.

Miikka, for introducing us to Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

You 're are all fantastic.

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Julie said...

She's not naughty, just obedience-challenged!