Sunday, 20 September 2009

3 great things about Stockholm

Last week we went to the fabulous city of Stockholm in Sweden. Stockholm is charming, and home to a lovely old town. Here are the 3 top reasons why Stockholm is O for Awesome:

1. A city of islandsStockholm is exceptionally pretty, partially due to the fact it spans several islands. While not on the sea, I still loved being so close to the water. We also got to see the coolest ship that I have ever seen ...

2. The Vasa

The Vasa accidentally sunk in 1628 and lived in the bottom of Stockholm's harbour until it was brought back up and restored in the 1960s. The Vasa is also possibly one of the most amazing historical objects I've ever seen - it looks like it belongs in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and is so massive all of my photographs look lame compared to how it looks standing underneath it. I think that the Vasa would have been worth the trip to Stockholm alone. 3. Moose!
One of the islands of the main city is home to Skansen, which is half zoo and half showcase of Swedish culture and history. It was an excellent day out, especially as we got to see a real life moose. Later that day Tane and I also ate some moose, but don't tell the guy in the picture. I am impressed with what I have seen of Scandinavia so far, and Stockholm is no exception. The cities are clean, pleasant, and pretty, and I consider Stockholm and Copenhagen the safest cities I have visited outside of NZ. Unfortunately they are also very expensive, so as much as I'd love to see more of that corner of the World will have to wait a while to do so.

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