Friday, 12 December 2008

Top five moments of 2008

2008 has been a great year. I have seen interesting things, read great books, and gotten to know my corner of London well. Deciding on my top five moments of 2008 (as at today, of course!) wasn't easy, as in many ways it was the day to day moments like eating my lunch in St James's Park every week day over the summer months that made this year such a good one. But, this is my best attempt of my top five moments of 2008:

1. Hearing the call to prayer while riding camels at the Pyramids, May 2008.

2. Realising in the last 500 metres of my Half Marathon that while I hurt, I had finally done one, October 2008
3. Showing Ngaire around London, 13 July 2008
4. Cycling around the Arran Islands, Ireland, 25 July 2008
5 = Arriving in Luxembourg City, 1 February 2008. I was just really excited to be there as had wanted to go to Luxembourg ever since I was about 12.
5 = The trail run in the Lake District, 16 April 2008. Running down hills through in beautiful scenery was great fun.

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Ngaire said...

Yuss I made top 3 hehe. I'm jealous you have done a half marathon. I want to do one before i'm 30 too.