Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Abu Dhabi

When Tane and I found out that our flight from Abu Dhabi to Delhi was delayed by about 8 hours, we were gutted. We'd already travelled from London with zero sleep, and felt about as fresh as a tin of mould- covered baked beans. That was until we realised that we had enough time for a look around the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Woohoo!
Having been in Abu Dhabi's more famous neighbour Dubai last year, we were unsure what its capital would be like. Dubai was a fabulous few days, but was so overwhelming, hot and dripping with wealth it was hard to imagine a similar city existing anywhere in the world. Abu Dhabi was different than Dubai in many ways - greener, cooler (as it was winter this time) and calmer for one. It was, nonetheless, similar in that it appeared to be dripping with wealth. The mall felt like the lobby of a posh hotel, and the hotels themselves looked like this.
We liked Abu Dhabi, it has a lovely waterfront and we spent a happy few hours there in the sun. It meant that by the time we arrived in Delhi we felt even more rotten, but I don't care - it was totally worth it.

P.S. We are in Kathmandu now and will blog about that soon, as I have run out of time as my guest house curry is nearly cooked!

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Helen said...

Nice! You made it to India. Can't wait to hear more about the trip!