Friday, 31 August 2007

Istanbul - a history geek's paradise

Istanbul is my favourite place we have visited so far. Here are some reasons why.

Hagia Sophia!

Mucho magnifico mosques!

Crusty old castles!

The War On Terrorism chess set!

The Bosphorous!

The palace harem!

Women so hot they should be in the harem!

A 3400 year old obelisk - that's still in great nick!

Ninja children!

Big flags everywhere!

Wicked good art!

If you have seen The Big Lebowski, you know the line I am thinking of.

The Alexander Sarcophagus

The cafe at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum

Rice pudding that is actually edible!


Avatar78x said...

Yeah Istanbul rocks, while you guys are in Turkey, you MUST take Tane to get the Turkish shave - should only cost you 4 lira and its AWESOME!

Sarah said...

That is so my favourite quote from The Big Lebowski. Go the Jesus! Man, Istanbul looks AWESOME, I am so jealous. :)