Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Thanks, the Amazing Race

Earlier in the year, Tane and I were sitting at home in Wellington watching the Amazing Race. The contestants were racing around a place that looked fabulous, Halong Bay. It wasn't a coincidence that we booked a trip to North Vietnam a week later.

Tane and I have just been to Halong Bay for the past three days, staying on a boat, cruising the bay and having a fabulously relaxing time. In between sitting on the deck and getting sunburnt, we also did some quasi Amazing Race stuff - kayaking, swimming, and seeing caves. This is a photo of Tane in front of a boat like the one we stayed on.

One of the highlights of the tour was a trek up one of the hills, where Tane made a new friend (below). A Swedish woman on our tour actually got nightmares from this spider. As for us, we now have an enhanced respect for the troops in 'Nam that had to avoid spiders like this as well as the Viet Cong.

Halong Bay was so fabulous, I am so glad that we were watching TV that night, so I suppose the moral of the story is to be a couch potato. Yay! Apparently Halong Bay was also featured in a James Bond movie, but as it was pre-Daniel Craig Bond, I'm not so interested.

A floating shop, selling goods for the price of a limb. Needless to say, I still bought coke ...

A small fisherman


Ngaire said...

Eww i think i'm gonna get nightmares from the spider now

Sarah said...

Jesus! I hope Tane didn't try to eat that spider.

Lauren Keenan said...

I avioded it and didn't realise how big it was until I saw the pic thank goodness