Thursday, 9 August 2007

5 Reasons why cone hats are the new black

After buying a cone hat during a trip to the Vietnamese countryside today, I have decided that they are the new black for the following 5 reasons:

1. It cost 10,000 dong. Don't be fooled by the zeros, that in fact works out to be less than $1. Here is me happily posing in my new cone hat.

2. They are specially designed for keeping you cool. Given the heat today I would not have such a cheesy smile on my face if I wasn't wearing my new cone hat. I now understand why the workers in the rice paddocks wear them.

3. Cool people wear them. Like this lady, who took us for a trip in her boat. She is so cool she can even row with her feet. Respect.
4. Girl power! Only women wear them. Tane is smiling to hide the pain that he is the only one not wearing the must-have garment of the Vietnam summer. Although, the little woman liked Tane after I reassured her that he did not beat me.

5. You are less likely to be nagged at street stalls when wearing one. When asked to buy things, all you need do is tap the cone hat as if to say 'bought my one nick-nack for today, sorry!' Perfect.
Yay cone hats! Get yours at a nagging street seller near you.


Rich said...

Nice hat.

Anonymous said...

Classy - can you get me one, would sure turn some heads down Oxford St. Hopefuly keeps the rain off too. Sarah C