Saturday, 31 March 2007

Lauren's Five lots of Five

Five things that have made me laugh recently

1. The new Simpsons. “Duffman said stop punching and kicking Duffman”
2. The swan in Hot Fuzz.
3. Sawyer’s line in Lost: “you found yourself a hippy car”
4. Laughing with Tane about far too much to describe here
5. Scaring the bajesus out of Stephen when he walked into the house this morning

Five places I really want to see that I have no current plans to see

1. Tikal, Guatamala
2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
3. Petra, Jordan
4. The Kremlin, Moscow
5. Krakow, Poland

The last five books I have read

1. “Lolita” – Vladimir Nabakov (like looking at a beautifully taken photograph of something horrendous)

2. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” – Victor Hugo (this book surprised me with its raciness. And how much Disney was wrong.)

3. “The English Patient” – Michael Ondaatje (a good book although a bit pretentious for my liking)

4.“The Five People You Meet in Heaven” – Mitch Ablom (nice and soppy)

5. “Summer Fires, Winter Country” – Maurice Shadbolt (great New Zealand short stories. I recommend.)

Five books I look forward to reading

1. The next Harry Potter. Oh yeah. I get excited whenever I see the advert outside Borders on the way to work. I hope that I can remain dignified when scrambling to get a copy on July 21.

2. The next Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, whenever that will be.

3. Shopaholic and Baby. Thanks to Philippa for lending it to me, along with most of my Civil Union outfit.

4. Senor Vivo and the Cocoa Lord, by Louis De Bernieres.

5. Vanity Fair. I am part way through and look forward to Becky Sharp getting what she deserves. I hope.

Five fruts I am in (fruts = food ruts)

1. Lollies
2. Coke Zero
3. Suhsi with tuna and avocado
4. Caramel Chews
5. Fruit of all kinds

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obi dan duran kenobi said...

The hippy car quote made me laugh too. But what made me hysterical was the others guy quote, "You got yourself a fish biscuit!"