Monday, 5 February 2007

Staying in a trailer park and other cool stuff (Lauren)

A couple of nights ago, Tane woke me up by jumping up and down and slapping his belt against the wall. It took me a little while to translate his angry muttering and realise that "rassin frassin SLAP moshrassin frassin bloody SLAP rassin frassin" was Tane-speak for "I am currently attempting to commit mosquito-cide as the noise of it buzzing is irritating me". I would have been perplexed by the whole deal had the belt incident not been concrete evidence that HURRAH! SUMMER IS HERE!

This weekend, Tane and I enjoyed some of the summer in the Manawatu and Wairarapa. It was grand - the sun was shining, the cows were mooing, and there were even more windmills along the ranges than last time I was in the Manawatu. I assume that they breed while I am away.

Our impetus for going to that part of the country was Mae and Jake's wedding, held at a lifestyle block near Feilding that belonged to Jake's folks. The wedding was fabulous - Mae looked stunning, and we had a blast.

Me, Bonnie, Mae, Ginny and Sarah
The highlights? Seeing how happy the bride and groom were, the most porn-star "you may now kiss the bride" kiss that I have ever seen, hilarious conversations about llamas, and plates at the reception that you could eat. Apparently they were made of potatoes. Mmmm. Plate. Another highlight was seeing Tane and Ashley prance around the lawn with the flower girls' baskets. They had to have this photo taken afterward to reassert their masculinity.

Tane and Ashley

And it wouldn't have been a proper stay in Feilding had we not stayed in a trailer park surrounded by cows. As Tane said, it was a pity that we had left our banjo at home.

The way home from Feilding the next day was equally as cool. Tane and I jumped in the Rambler, and set off to find the town called Tane in the Wairarapa. Tane had visions of taking photos of himself posing in front of a "Welcome to Tane" sign I think. And fair enough too - if I discovered a town called Lauren, I'd be there with bells on. After a couple of hours of dirt roads and mucho windiness, Tane consulted the map only to discover that Tane had already driven through Tane. Sad.
Lucky we found Castlepoint instead. Castlepoint is a beach about an hour from Masterton. At first glance it is fairly mediocre - a bland beach, its only saving grace being an impressive lighthouse. Once you wander around the corner from the main beach, though, Castle Rock makes the trip worthwhile. My parents made me climb Castle Rock when I was about 15, and have only recently been forgiven. Tane and I didn't have the energy to attempt Castle Rock yesterday, but did scale some rock faces and found ourselves swimming in the path of an arrogant, fast, and dangerous fishing boat. The climb up to the lighthouse was pretty refreshing as well, as was enjoying the sun perched on some rocks that appeared to be made of long-dead crabs.

We got back into Wellington quite late last night, and am still feeling a little drained - hence the warbled entry. Lucky that tomorrow is Waitangi Day and the forecast is good. Yay!
P.S. It is Wai-TANGI day, not Wai-TANGY day. Grrrr.

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