Thursday, 15 February 2007

The Best River Ever (and poker) (Lauren)

Last Sunday, Tane and I went to the Best River Ever. It was so splendid, it deserves capital letters. The river was somewhere near Otaki, on the nice bush side rather than the bad-ass-homie side. I had never even heard of the place before Geremy from work told me about it, and doubt we would have found it on our own had Geremy and his fiancée Sarah hadn’t driven us there.

The river was perfect – swift bits, calm bits, deep bits and bits so shallow you couldn’t move in without going “ow ow ow ow”. The best part? Rocks for jumping off! I have a fantastic sequence of photos of Tane jumping off that are too good not to share, especially one of him mid-air with a look on his face that is a funny mix of terror, exhilaration and pure surprise that the water below is getting closer at an alarming rate. Unfortunately I don’t have them now, but watch this space!

In other news, I have discovered the joys of poker! Earlier in the week my three sisters and I played a game with our boyfriends that lasted for hours. It was a great night, although I sadly lost the $5 I paid to play. Evan won in the end, despite attempts by Ngaire to throw him off course by playing Britney Spears. At least Erin came second, or else it might have been embarrassing that the other three Keenan girls were eliminated well before their boyfriends were, me included. I clearly have a long way to go until I can go to Montenegro and beat wealthy baddies a la' James Bond. Pity.

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