Sunday, 18 February 2007

Best gig of '07 - so far at least (Lauren)

Last night we went to see Goldenhorse play at Bodega. Bodega is a great venue - just the right amount of space, good beer, and plenty of amusing graffiti in the bathroom. Class. I'm certain that there is a linguistics or sociology doctorate just waiting to be written about bathroom graffiti, if it hasn't been already. Bathroom graffiti also makes me wonder - who actually carries vivid pens around with them in order to scrawl that Kenny has the hottest abs in Wellington? But I digress ...

It was a great gig, especially as I hadn't seen any live music for way too long. There weren't too many people there so lots of dancing space, and Goldenhorse themselves performed really well. Less polished that the last time I saw them in 2005, but much more relaxed and fun. Kirsten Morrell (the lead singer) wore an especially funky red dress, and one of the funnier parts of the evening was watching a line-up of guys drooling up at her from the front row. Including a certain gay man who shall remain nameless.

Today has been a fabulous Sunday - some lying in the sun action, some going to the beach action (Titahi Bay beach today - I won't even start about the graffiti there), and some eating nice food action. Tane also got a lot of watching the cricket action too, and apparently it was a very exciting game. Either that, or he was randomly yelping about something else while we were driving around in the car this afternoon...

Ngaire left another year at Med School at Otago today, although not before this photo could be taken of me and my three blisters:

Ahhh. Weekends. Lauren happy.


Lindsay & Kyle Margenau said...

There seems to be a dearth of Tane made entries here. At anyrate it is good to know that the fella who taught me about cricket is still staying abreast of it. I manage to follow it all the way in America courtesy of the NZ Herald.

Seriously though, Tane, you need to write an entry.


Lauren Keenan said...

I agree. I am sure that at least half of the readers of this blog are much less interesting in my warblings that his intelligent comments on life, the world, and so on and so forth.

Maria said...

Wow... I haven't seen your sisters since 1997!!!! Pictures like this one really bring it home to me very forcefully how long time it's been.

MUCH too long :-(

Lauren Keenan said...

I know what you mean, Maria. In my head, your sisters are aged somewhere between 10 and 16, not adults with husbands and children!

Ngaire A-Fona said...

Hey Laaa booo

The picnic in the park for stephen sounds fun, makes me not wanna play croguet though and not accept any buns given by stephen haha.

About the the graffiti i agree, who does carry around a vivid in their bag...although you should see that med students toilet in the hospital. It has some very funny stuff in there(done with biro pens of course, we dont actually carry vivids).

Anyway Happy Birthday, your present is coming....honest.