Monday, 23 July 2012

Things our baby likes

Time rolls on, Our tastes change. Once upon a time I didn't like avocado or pumpkin. Once upon a time my favourite comic was Roy of the Rovers.

When you're under a year old, your tastes change a lot quicker. This is a snapshot of what Amotai is into in his ninth month in the world . It's also an excuse to put up some of my favourite recent photos.

If it rolls or spins, Amotai is a big fan.
Or, to be precise, the classic Rock-a-Stack toy - thanks heaps, Emma!
Sometimes when he's upset, nothing soothes him but a cuddle and a read of one of his favourite books: Brown Bear, Each Peach Pear PlumOne Mole Digging a Hole, Toddle Waddle and some of the That's Not My... series.
 Sleeping on his tummy
Not long ago he always slept on his back. Now it's always on his front. Lord knows how he manages to stay asleep in some of the positions he gets into.
Now he can crawl quickly and pull himself up, he is master of his domain. We say 'no' a lot now, when he goes for the laptop power cord, the phone, books and some other things. We're yet to see much of a deterrent effect.
 Other little people

He's a sociable little boy, which is really nice. Unless you're the kid whose hair he pulls.
 New things
In this case, the beach at Makara and the stones on it. Which, of course, he tried to taste.
Especially when she comes home from work. Speaking from experience, after a long day at the office that grin is the greatest thing in the world.
He's alright, the old man. He's particularly funny when he crawls after me trying to put my nappies on.

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Maria said...

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos! :-)