Monday, 2 July 2012

10 ways you know you're getting older

Tane and I were looking through photos earlier from when we had only been together about a year.  There were a few things that strike me about this photo: you can't see grey hair on either of us, we look much younger, and I don't think I've seen my Edmond's Cook Book since. When Amotai looks at this photo in years to come, I imagine he'll think his parents look like totally different people than the ones he knows. I also hope he doesn't look too much in the background, because he will see the rude shaped cookies our then flatmates baked.

This is one of many things recently that has made me feel that I am getting older. Wiser, of course, and happy with my age, but still older. These are others:

1. Feeling a little miffed when kids in uniform don't give up their seats on the bus. What an old fogey! I'd like to think in my day it was different, but it wasn't. I just didn't care.

2. Seeing clothes in Glassons that look exactly like the outfit I wore to the Form 2 disco. Have I really been through an entire fashion cycle in my life?

3. Playing board games with friends regularly, while having trouble remembering the last time I played drinking games.

4. Hanging out with friends and everyone comparing their sports injuries, physios and chiropractors. Being very aware of how I could injure myself whenever I do hard exercise.

5. Listening to the National Radio on the walk to work, rather than ZM. Feeling like I have read every Cosmopolitan and Cleo before.

6. Having a much better idea of my strengths and weaknesses, and realising that unlike for much of my 20s I do not feel entitled to anything. Also, knowing that in the scheme of things I am unlikely to acheive fame or fortune, but being fine with that.

7. Craving vegetables.

8. Thinking of the number of gadgets that have become obselete in my lifetime. Dial phones, walkmans, discmans, cassette tapes, phones that look like bricks.

9. Someone looking at a photo of you and saying "oh you look so young here", when you actually thought you still look the same.

10. Thinking of some people as old, dear friends even though you met since leaving school. Even more so when I think of some friends as "old friends" even though I met them since leaving university.

Do you have any yourself? 


Rachel D said...

This made me laugh so loud!! I am seeing the doctor about my aches and pains tomorrow; need to highlight my hair again to cover my greys; tripping my kids out because I'm older than the internet...fortunately all my pictures from my New Zealand years are all still over there.

Maz said...

Awesome blog post Lauren. I can totally relate!