Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Technology, stop now please

Today I read that more people now use social networking sites than email. My first thought was "???", but then I realised that it's true in my case - I am just as likely to get contacted through Facebook than direct to my email.

This got me thinking, however, about Internet technology and how I find myself wishing it would just stay still. I like MSN and I like blogging, and it makes me a little sad that these two forums seem to be getting left behind already. Of course blogs are still very popular, but I have noticed that the number of people reading ours did seem to drop off after we signed up to Facebook. That is natural of course, I too am guilty of not checking the blogs of people who update on Facebook regularly as I feel I already know what they are doing. Facebook is fine and has its place, but I have reached the point when I would be happy if internet technology and social networking just stayed still for a while. I don't feel the need for more change, especially in the Twitter direction as knowing what Lily Allen had for dinner will not enrich my life.

Do you agree? Does this make me sound like an old fuddy-duddy?Some technology, however is good - I wouldn't want to put this in my pocket!

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