Monday, 16 March 2009


Jane Austen hated Bath apparently. After finally making it there last weekend I struggle to see why, however, as it has edged ahead of York by a nose to win the much-coveted Lauren's Top Place in England award. In fact, I liked it so much, Bath had me jumping for joy. Pity I didn't have the foresight to take my handbag off first.

Injury by handbag aside, it was a glorious weekend in a fabulous place. Bath isn't a nice town with some pretty sections, it is a pretty town with some spectacular areas. I spent much of my time there wishing that I was wearing a round gown and resident for the 1821 ball season. Especially as this is where the wealthy people stayed:
I would like to imagine that my ancestors had the means to live in these apartments and danced in the Bath assembly rooms, although I suspect that if they did they were more likely to have been the people cleaning out the chamber pots and loitering in the kitchens.

Tane at the Roman Baths with the Abbey in the background. You can't actually bathe in them though, so calling the entire town Bath really is a case of false advertising.

Bath was so lovely a town I am unable to write more about it as am running out of adjectives. One thing worth mentioning, though, was what seemed to be cunning revenge on Bath's most famous ex-resident for criticising it. It is true that no-one is sure what Jane Austen really looks like, but I would like to think that she didn't look as bad as the Jane Austen replica outside the Jane Austen centre. If I knew that future generations of my town would make me look like this, I probably would have criticised the town also!

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