Friday, 27 February 2009

Pity the fool

This morning I picked up a copy of the free morning paper The Metro as I dashed to make the District Line tube. The Metro is great. It may leave black ink on my fingers and contain the odd article that makes me want to roll my eyes at someone, but it's a good read for the way to work. Today was no exception, and had a quote in it from Mr T that almost made me laugh out loud. You can read the whole interview here, but here is the highlight:

Mr T on why he has the best catch phrase: "When you say: ‘I pity the fool’ it hits home. Some times you are working around fools and when you pity the fool, you are showing them mercy."

Mr T on which fool he pities the most at the moment: "I pity the Devil. He is about sin and corrupts the minds of young people. He is definitely the fool I pity the most right now."

Hilarious. I can't decide which fool I pity the most right now, but it could well be everyone else that isn't eating pineapple lumps right now as I am. That certainly meets the "showing them mercy" criteria. What fool do you pity? Will you be more successful than me at slipping "pity the fool" into conversation today?

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