Monday, 23 February 2009

10 great things about York

On the weekend, Tane and I joined Patti and Stephen for a fabulous trip to York. York is the loveliest place I have seen in England so far, so lovely even it inspired me to write a list of 10 awesome things about it. Here goes:

1. Yorkminster Cathedral. This church is amazing, adjectives to describe it would only sound cheesier than a cheesecake covered in cheese sauce.2. A poignant plaque. Tucked away in a corner of the Minster there is a plaque that I would have ignored had the words "New Zealand" not caught my eye. The plaque was for the members of the York regiment killed fighting the Maori in the NZ Wars, many of them at Rangiriri. Next time I am driving past Rangiriri and see the Cemetery I hope I remember to think about York and just how far from home those men are buried.
3. York's old town. We ate in a pub built in the early 1600s still called its original name, "Ye Olde Starre". Cool. This isn't a great photo but gives you an idea of what much of central York is like. Places like York also make you realise just how much London lost in 1666.
4. A small shop in a Tudor house selling hard boiled lollies. Mmmm.

5. The most fabulous dolls house shop I have ever seen. It sold everything from doll churches to miniature roasts, and almost made me want to take up a new hobby. Or, at least, buy a miniature lemon meringue pie.6. Fairfax House, the best preserved Georgian house in England. It should come with a warning though: "visiting may make your current house feel woefully inadequate and cheaply furnished".

7. The old wall. It goes around most of the old city, and is great to walk on. Tane especially enjoyed yelling "you will never capture my castle!" to cars passing below. We also discovered that people back in Ye Olde times were a lot shorter than now. If Stephen and Tane hadn't ducked they would have been concussed coming down the stairs as we exited.
8. Random place names.9. Winning a free t-shirt. Tane wears his in the photo below while I wear a facial expression that clearly shows that by then I had eaten too many of the lollies described in #4.

10. Being out of London. I loved our trip so much now I am eagerly awaiting a summer of travel and seeing more of Old Blighty. Yay!

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