Friday, 2 January 2009

Pilgrimage to Pushkar

Tane and I are now one week into our time in this fabulous country, and India has continued to be a remarkable mix of the amazing and the disgusting. As a rule, at least one thing happens every day that is very unpleasant, but two or three things occur which make me never want to leave. On balance, I love it here.

An Indian street scene

At present we are in the beautiful Hindu pilgrimage town of Pushkar, a small town on a sacred lake where pilgrims bathe. Rumour has it that Gandhi's ashes are even scattered here. It's a lovely town, although as so many religiuous rituals are performed around and in the lake I am not comfortable getting too close, especially as people are cremated on the lake as well.
Nonetheless, I did take this photo which doesn't do the town justice but is my best attempt in a place where the sign "photography prohibited" is commonplace (it was OK to take a photo from this spot!). Seeing Pushkar at sunset was an amazing experience, and in true Indian form completely worth the long waits, hassling touts and bad bellies of the day before it.

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