Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Things I don't get

The other day I was listening to the radio, and the presenters were having a conversation about things they don't get that most people do. You know, the stuff that everyone seems to be into that you just aren't, or the book that others rave about that you found a little mediocre. So, I decided to compile my own list, and am interested in whether any of you also don't like these things, and what would be on your list.

Things I don't get that most other people seem to:

1. Milk. I have never liked milk - the last time I drunk it in 1998 when I was living in Italy and didn't know enough Italian to say "I would rather exfoliate my eyeballs than drink that putrid muck."

2. ABBA. It's not like I dislike ABBA, I've just never really been a fan.

3. Any rugby that doesn't involve the All Blacks. Provincial rugby feels like watching the more recent Big Brothers - you know you haven't seen these exact people at it before, and a new person can win each time, but it really doesn't seem that different.

4. Jane Eyre. I just didn't find it that good.

5. Milk chocolate. I love chocolate that covers marshmallow or has a tasty centre, I've just never really got milk chocolate.

6. Cooking. It's like the more effort put in, the less pleasure I am likely to get out eating it. When deciding between an hour for cooking an excellent meal vs 30 mins cooking an alright meal, the latter usually wins unless I am trying to impress somebody or am having an especially boring day.

Do you have any?


Tane said...

I'm boring in that I generally like most things most people like - but here's a few of the ones I don't.

1) Tea and coffee. I feel like a pariah when call goes out around the office: "I'm making a cuppa - who wants one?" Lauren feels the same way - which is bad for our coffee-addicted guests!

2) Friends (the show). Good for the first couple of seasons, but after a while Chandler was the only one I didn't want to strangle.

3) Hard drugs and binge drinking. Never done the former and not much of the latter - and people who have and bragged about it always seem like idiots. For me, the downsides appear to far outweigh the benefits. I'm happy on two cans - why bother getting hammered on 12, or risk getting poisoned on pills?

Sarah said...

Sweet baby Jesus, Lauren, how can you not get milk chocolate!? Here are a few of mine that spring to mind:

1. The Godfather. As Peter Griffin says: "It insists upon itself, Lois."

2. Crustaceans. Why would anyone want to eat the arachnids of the sea?!

3. The Kapiti Coast. With the memorable exception of the Waikanae River, it's always just seemed like somewhere to drive through. And from a Hamiltonian, that's saying something!

4. Elizabeth Hurley. Totally and utterly overrated.

5. Most RnB. ugghghghghg

That is all.

Julie said...

Hee hee, I remember the days back at OP. Didn't we call you 2-can Tane. Shows we were accurate!

I think I'll make a blog about mine, it'd at least give me something to blog about. Really should get on to that.

Ryan said...

I'm so with you on the milk thing. Apart from the taste, I'm not a calf, so why would I drink it?

I don't get Christmas. On the day itself I go to church and hang out with loved ones, but it's really just a public holiday where you get lots of days off.

Kimberley said...

YES, and you can read about it on me blog ...

Ngaire said...

I know i'm late at reading this but here are a few of mine:

1) Test cricket. They dont even hit the ball very hard and after half a day I cant hadle it any more let alone 5!!!!

2) People are gonne hate me for this but...Angelina Jolie. She broke up Brad and Jen and wore a vile of blood around her neck. She is ok but I wouldnt turn for her like everyone else.

3) Playstation. With the exception if sing star, whats important that you can do on playstation but not the computer. I guess i'm just not much of a games person.