Thursday, 20 November 2008

A rant about winter

The problem with the English winter is that the days remind me of Hobbes when he wrote about men’s lives being nasty, brutish and short. The leaves lie sodden and smelly on the ground, the backing soundtrack to my tube commute is “Sniffles and Snorts in Sneeze Minor” and it’s dark at 4pm. There is so much to see and do in the UK, but given the weather we have pretty much put all local sightseeing on hold for a few months and have been spending our weekends doing inside-things. Such as, watching Season Four of Lost (amazing!), and finally going to the V&A Museum (very interesting). I’m not bored, but I have realised that our blog entries have been a lot more about blocks of text rather than interesting photographs, and apologise for that!

As Confucius said: “He who suffers a British winter must stock up on good books and warm food and try not to get too lazy and unfit.” He didn’t say that? Well he should have! I am pretty sure that he also uttered the wise saying “If Lauren and Tane stay in the Northern Hemisphere for one more full winter they are mad. MAD”.

You know what the worst thing about winter in London is, though? It's that I know that New Zealand is probably warm. So, please feel free to leave plenty comments telling me about gale force wind in Wellington or freak December snow in Auckland as such comments will be much appreciated!

Wellington in 2007: the last summer I was there. [insert: wistful sigh]


Julie said... to love the amazing summer weather we've been having in Auckland :-p And it's only November!!! Bring on summer...

Ngaire said...

To be honest there actually is gale force winds and rain outside at the moment. Has been like this for a couple of days now. We can just ignore the hot sunny week we just had.