Sunday, 28 September 2008

You can't beat London on a good day

In London, the weather is sometimes so bad the tacky adverts plastered all over the tube tunnels featuring beaches and deck chairs almost convince me to join the mass of British people that flock to the Costa Del Sol and Ibiza. Recently, there have been a number of those moments as the days are getting shorter and the wool coat is becoming more of a must to take everywhere. As it happens, though, we have had awful mid-week weather and then glorious weekends recently. This is fabulous, not only because of Tane's Sunday football at Kensington Gardens and my training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in two weeks. When I am not struggling around Hyde Park and dodging tourists along Embankment, and Tane is not experiencing playing football with random angry Albanians, the last few weekends have been great for seeing the best the London has to offer on a nice day.

These are some of the highlights, proving that you can't beat London on a good day.

Doing a Thames Cruise to Greenwich

A day in the stunning Kew Gardens, considered on of the best botanical garden in the world.
Walking around the Thames near Richmond ParkApparently, the weather over the next week will having me thinking Costa Del Sol related thoughts again. Oh well, I can't complain really - we've just had two days that felt like summer again. Yay!

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