Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Boo and Yay in the Lake District

Last weekend we travelled up to the Lake District with two fellow New Zealanders and two token Englishmen to enjoy the great outdoors. It was an excellent weekend, but one of "boos" and "yays".

It rained so hard on the first day that the lakes were even forming in the middle of the road! The weather was so bad, the trail run we had gone to do was cancelled "for the safety of the participants". Boo!

We realised that we could go to a pencil museum and Hadrian's Wall instead. Yay!

We drove for a few hours to get to a fort along the wall only to find out that the Wall was also closed due to the weather. Boo!

The man at the front desk took pity on us and said that if we were crazy enough to wade through a stream in gale force winds for some Roman ruins we could go for it. Yay!

James wasn't wearing the right shoes. Boo!

Richard could carry him. Yay!

And we weren’t blown off the wall. Yay again!

We went out for dinner wet, cold and wearing trail running clothes so felt a little under dressed next to the girls in the pub dressed as Playboy bunnies. Boo!

Good times were to be had in Kendal anyway with the excellent local knowledge provided by Tane's bro Tim. Yay!

When we decided to climb the highest peak in England, Scafell Pike, the sheep were conspiring to prevent us from getting there and sleeping on the road in an attempt to stop us from making it to the base. Boo!

But it was awesome scenery when we arrived. Yay!

It wasn't an easy climb. Boo!

But we made it to the top after a couple of hours of scrambling up rock. Yay!
And there was a pub at the bottom after making it down. As well as a giant tree. Yay again!

On the way home we ran out of petrol and got stranded on the motorway for an hour. Boo!

But we managed to get a number of massive trucks to beep at us while waiting. Yay!

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