Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Spring has sprung?

As of a few weeks ago, Spring officially sprung. The days are longer, and I have been enjoying long post work strolls through Hyde Park after work. I have started looking through my t-shirt drawer again, and have a place in the darkest depths of the closet reserved for my winter coat. Outdoor seating has appeared at restaurants, and parties feel like they are happening a little more often. Imagine our surprise, then, to wake up to this last weekend.
Snow in Spring has winners and losers. One winner was Tane, who had never before experienced snow in a place that he has lived before. He was pretty excited about it to say the least.
The losers, though, were the new buds on the trees as well as the spring flowers. Although the snow melted quite quickly, it looked a little late for these little buddies.
Is the weather nuts all over the world or is it just here?

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Maria said...

It's nuts in Denmark too. Very, very mild all winter, then a couple of days of severe frost in February and a snowstorm in March! Since then we've been back to spring until last weekend when it snowed again! Go figure.