Thursday, 11 October 2007

London - first impressions

Here I am, writing from London, our new home. We have lived in London now for a week and a day, and so far it is working out very well. We have a lovely flat, Tane has a job, and I have been spending my days wandering the streets being a tourist between job hunting myself. Yay! First impressions are that there is an awful lot about London to like - the buildings, the parks, and the shopping in particular. After hearing so many horror stories about the tube I was pleasantly surprised by that also. I think that the problems Wellington had with buses earlier this year was good practice for the tube, and so far nothing has come close to being just as crap as that was, which is saying something as Tane and I have even had the experience of the tube in rush hour wearing backpacks.
After a week and a day, I like London. It's exciting and vibrant, and I am enjoying getting to know one of the biggest cities in the world. One of the worst parts so far is actually not being able to find anywhere to upload photos, hence the lack of pics in this entry. I'm sure than in a little while I may be a little less positive, but thought there was no harm in writing a Pollyanna-esque entry about London while it's so fresh. And at least when London starts to grind me down, I ought to know where to upload photos from my digital camera :)

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