Sunday, 21 October 2007

East Side vs West Side

Last weekend, we joined Stephen for a visit to the most important line in the World. Yeah, it just looks like a boring old line. Black, on a white background. But, it's really very exciting, as we were in Greenwich, the place where time begins and ends. And that line, albeit a somewhat boring line, is the line between East and West, the place where the time zones begin and end. As you can see, Tane is Westside, and Stephen is Eastside. I don't know if I was Southside or Northside from where I took the photo as the sun always seems to be in the wrong place in the Northern Hemisphere and my sense of direction is as accurate as trying to count multiples of ten with your hands while missing a thumb.

Westside! Eastside!

As well as the line where time begins and ends, Greenwich is a lovely place to visit. There are beautiful old buildings, some fabulous churches, and while we were there, a period movie being made also.

It was very funny seeing the extras talking on cellphones. Note the mist: it got pumped out of a machine to make the scene look grimy and old school

We stood around to watch them shoot a 30 second sequence involving a carriage and lots of yelling. It was all very exciting, and gave us a really good appreciation of all the work that goes into making movies as that sequence was all they shot in the three hours we were there.

The best part of Greenwich, though, was the park. The park was huge, green, and contained hills perfect for rolling down. So, naturally, westside and eastside had to compete for the honour of being hill roller supreme master. Westside takes the lead

But no, Eastside races ahead...

Dizzy yet victorious


Miriama said...

Your commentary is inspiring! London is fast climbing the ranks of fabulous places to visit as-soon-as-i-resist-the-mohito-urge-and-start-seriously-saving!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tane!! Love that pic of you :-)