Sunday, 5 January 2014


I love lists. I really do. What's not to love? They're ordered, easy, and clear. I love lists so much I even added a 'Lists Glorious Lists' tag to this blog, which sits at the bottom of 27 posts. So, I was amused to read that, apparently, I have been the author of 'listicles', a growing trend among allegedly lazy bloggers and journalists. Some people, it turns out, really hate them. Of course this makes me want to stamp my feet and yell to the rooftops that I was writing listicles long before they became a 'thing'. Much like the 'selfie', which Tane and I have been taking for years before Kim Kardashian did the duckface. 

Instead, though, I decided to write a list of 3 reasons why I will continue to blog using lists:
  • Lists are cool. Says me. They are also great because they impose order on the world. 
  • I only learnt the word 'listicle' last week, so surely that means I haven't been writing them? 
  • Because I want to.
So there. I hope that the listicle haters out there are quivering in their boots at this small act of defiance. 

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