Monday, 17 January 2011

Five pics that make me laugh

I was reading my best friend from school's blog just now, and really liked her entry on photos that always make her laugh. Not only were they funny, but got me thinking about my own. Much laughter later (as it was hard to limit this to six) here are my top ones:
At the gazebo from the Sound of Music. Doing that tour in Salzburg was the most hilarious day ever, my abs even got a work out from laughing so much.

The world's most stoned looking owl

Hiding behind a pastry in Germany, 2007

Tane in Turkey

With Stephen in Pompeii 2009. We had no idea until it was taken that it looks like he's shot me in the stomach.

Tane and his twin in Kathmandu, Nepal late 2008


Rachel Deck said...

That's awesome!! I love them!

Coumbia News said...

Hi Tane, my name's Tim and I work at 3News in Auckland with an old friend of yours, Dan Satherley.

We're doing some stories in a few weeks about modern relationships, and Dan informed me that you and your partner had a civil union.

Would you be keen on talking to us about that? Why a civil union, pros v cons...stuff like that.

my email is ;

I look forward to hearing from you.