Monday, 4 August 2008

Ngaire takes on London

As I write, my sister Ngaire is sitting in the middle of a pile of clothing attempting to re-pack for her trip back to NZ after two weeks in Western Europe and one in London. In a moment, she will top off her week here by going down near bye Fox Lane with Tane in the hope of seeing a fox, the one thing she has missed out on while here. It's been great having her visit (in spite of us getting lost in Primark while shopping and not finding each other 30 minutes and 60 million piles of cheap clothes later), as it has allowed Tane and I to see London through someone else's eyes, not to mention also getting all the bags of of NZ lollies that my family sent over with her. Mmmm.

These, though, were the 5 main highlights of her visit:

1. The Lion King musical. This was amazing. To quote Ngaire "everyone should see the Lion King before they die".

2. Giving the lions in Trafalgar Square a good riding with Stephen. Hehe.

3. Making it up the London Eye, accompanied by a token Englishman that was also able to take us to an excellent restaurant afterward. And only after we had eaten told us the story of how rats were known to fall from its roof in the past. Lucky the food was so good we didn't care.

4. Ngaire meeting Prince Harry.
5. Going to the pre-industrial and very very cute Cotswold Villages, a few hours from London.
It's been great having her visit, and I look forward to the next time someone comes to stay. I have learnt my lesson and won't be introducing them to Primark, but look forward to more visits nonetheless! Especially is the person visiting brings a suitcase filled with NZ lollies.

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Maria said...

I don't know why it surprises me that Ngaire has grown up so - after all it's 11 years since I saw her last - but it does! Time's supposed to stand STILL in NZ when I'm not around! Sheesh ;)