Saturday, 22 December 2007


In the Tate Modern, you can see some really stunning art -Monet, Picasso, and other fabulous modern paintings. Problem is, though, there is an awful lot of stuff there that made me wish that I had not gone to the Tate alone so had someone to roll my eyes at. A red blob of paint on canvas? A piece of fabric with a cut in it? The most laughable "art" there though was a giant crack in the floor of one of the galleries.

Not to be confused with a health and safety hazard, this crack in the floor apparently symbolises the divide between Europe and the rest of the World. Call me a pleb, but to me it just looked like a crack in the floor. Lucky there was plenty of other art in the crack room to look at - in particular this fabulous piece that I am sure you could throw a 'ism' on the end of word to describe as art as well. Do you consider either of these art? Is there something about the crack that I have missed? If a crack like the one above appeared on your floor in between the TV and coffee table would you be happy to have a piece of modern art in your living room? Just some food for thought ...


Tane Aikman said...

I have to get this in before anyone else does.

The Tate cracks me up.

Elizabeth said...

We went to see the crack as well - was v disappointed as had heard someone had fallen in it, and was picturing it as more of a fissure.

Way less cool than the slides.