Thursday, 10 May 2007

Lost vs Heroes

At the moment, there are two fabulous programmes on TV: Lost and Heroes. Tane and I are helplessly addicted to both, and I pity anyone that has ever tried to engage either of us in meaningful conversation while either are on. Unless, of course, all they want is a series of grunts in manner of wild boar.

On Stuff not so long ago, I was reading an article about one of these shows and noticed a poll at the side of the screen. The poll asked: which did I prefer?
a) Lost;
b) Heroes; or
c) I don’t watch either.

I couldn’t decide which I preferred. When I told Tane about it, we ended up discussing the issue with an earnestness usually reserved for conversations about such weighty topics as the environment and international relations. Heroes is great, we agreed – fast paced, great characters, mystery, eye candy, excellent concept. Lost is great also, for all the same reasons.

I since decided that I prefer Lost, mainly because it is funnier and the script is snappier. I have more of a soft spot for the characters in Lost also. All of them, in fact, except Kate. Heroes is great, but seems to take itself a little more seriously than Lost does. What do all you TV geeks out there think? For the record, on the Stuff poll Heroes won, although Lost still held its ground.
And while I’m on the topic of entertainment news, is anyone else as pleased as me that Paris got 45 days?


dan said...

I haven't watched Heroes cause it's on the same time as Mythbusters; and it seems a little silly, just from the ads I've seen. It would only win the poll cause it's newer anyway :p

Sarah said...

I too am totally torn between the two. Heroes is fresher, less tied down in terms of location, doesn't have the increasingly crowbarred-in flashback sequences (although, the latest "5 days ago" Locke flashback was genius). Lost has been a little shaky this season, with only two or three great episodes, a few dire ones, and the rest somewhere in between. That said, Sawyer AND Peter Petrelli are on my list!

Grant said...

At the moment, I prefer Heroes, but I have to admit that I'm just about to catch up on a few episodes of Lost, which may change my mind.

Having said that, I read somewhere before this season started that we'd start to feel a bit more sympathy for the Others.

Not happening so far.

The_doctor said...

Lost at the moment, though I am enjoying Ecclestone as a new character in Heroes. So glad Paris is doin time. Though there will probably be a reality tv show in it for her.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Heroes for me. I've been downloading and watching ahead since it came out and it just keeps getting better and better.