Sunday, 3 December 2006

Introduction (Lauren)

Well, I have finally embarked upon getting a blog albeit a joint one. I used to think that they were self indulgent and egocentric, so resisted getting one in the past. I still think that they are self indulgent and egocentric, the difference being that I now don’t care. Also, this way, when we go overseas next year, Tane and I won’t be bombarding the same people with different emails about the cool things that we are seeing and doing.

It does occur to me, however, that it’s a great pity to focus on grand overseas adventures when there are so many things to see and do here in New Zealand. At a guess, more people who are likely to read this blog have been to Paris, Rome or London than Ruatoria, Te Kao or Ngawi – three very cool towns in different corners of New Zealand that I have been to in the last year. I’m not saying that I am not gagging to get my OE started, as I am, nor that Paris, Rome and London are not amazing cities to visit. Merely, that I am determined to be a tourist in my own country while waiting for next July to roll around, and to remind myself that just because it’s in New Zealand doesn’t mean that it is boring.

Now that rant is out of the way (my first blog rant! Bless!), I can move onto my book reviews… I love reading, and wanted a place to put my reviews. There is no way I can review every book I read as I read them at a crazy rate, but want to review at least the ones that I loved, hated, or that are being talked about. If you have read any of them yourselves I’d love to hear your opinions as I love a good discussion about books, although I am a bit over talking about the Da Vinci Code.....

I look forward to your feedback!


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